Podcast Episode III

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1.  “Disintegrate” by Veinz straight outta WASHING tons of D.C.

2.  “Not Quite Fair” from Liverpool England’s Vile Assembly.

3.  “Alice  from LA’s very own one-woman DIY-pop project Madge

4. Thank Brooklyn’s Yellow Shoots for the “Magic On My Pillow”…

5. “Don’t Be Alarmed” by Olivia Awbrey from Portland. They have nice books there. 

6. “Let It Be Known” by Donald Fittsgill Jr., doing the lone star state proud going hard in the paint from Dallas.

7. Asheville is a city in western North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains. That’s where  Indigo De Souza  is from.  “home team”.****FIRE****

8. Orange County’s very own Gertie Fox and “Tilted Axis”. Buy their new album.

9. Golan a  three piece band based in Bucharest, Romania.  – bring us “Rocket Love” Featuring Island Chain. (VIDEO)

10. Lithuanian punk-queens  Crucial Features  with “Badmetis” coming straight outta Vilnius sucka..

11. The Pretty Flowers give us a track titled – “Electrical” out now on Dirt Cult Records from Sunny Los Angeles.

12.  Listen to Minor’s “Silent Cry”, and if you are really cool and listening on release day, you might be able to catch his FB LIVE hurr still, go check!!!

13. “basic.” from ORGANIZED SCUM (wow that doesn’t sound basic…) they live in London and they don’t like Facebook, well maybe they like it but they don’t use it!

14.   Karma Records recording artist Auramancer, a Rock band from Brussels, with a song called “Alike.”

15.  Sanctimonius” by  Port Alberni British Columbia’s Flash Jrive.

16. “Selfish” by Isaac Thursday from “Below The Heavens.”

17. Hey Baby! from Brisbane, Australia and “Kids.”

18. Sweet   by Hollywood based ISSA feat LA’s very own Thea Austin on vocals.

19. San Francisco duo Cathedrals bring us the intoxicating single “Behave”.

20. Give a man a mask, and he will tell you the truth. -Oscar Wilde

says this next mysterioso Bad Flamingo from nowhere with their hot desperado single “Lord Knows I Tried.”

21. The irie sounds of Nomad – “King of The Jungle.”

22. The Netherlands Televisor and Simon GreenLead You There” with a very fresh Nu Disco club mix.

23.  WheezeBox a duo from Rovaniemi Finland give us “Cigarette.”

24. Lil’ Dyyyd$  – King.



Oh and this just came out a couple minutes ago: