J. Cole – KOD – “Brackets” (Roc Nation/Universal Music Group, North Carolina)

What can I say except for I’ve really been sleeping on J. Cole. Not that I wasn’t aware of him, and his music. I definitely enjoyed the songs of his that made their way to mainstream hip-hop radio here in LA, but I had never stopped to really examine the artist, and who he was beyond the “pop-single” surface…

Well then there was yesterday, and after hearing yet another J.Cole “pop-single” on the radio, and thinking ,”there is something more to this dude, I feel like all his lyrics are kind of conscious…”, I started his new album KOD on Spotify from the beginning, and discovered my new current favorite rapper.

KOD the album was released this past 4/20/18, and in my opinion is up there with some of the rap/hip-hop greats; Doggystyle, The Chronic, E. 1999 Eternal, Enter The 36 Chambers, Etc., instantly for me.

Below is a sample of KOD, not the “pop-single” you may hear on the radio at the moment, a very conscious tune by the name of “Brackets”…

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