3rdCultureKid – Mto (Rivers) (Independent, UK)

Lulu James is an exceptionally talented new artist who calls London, England home and goes by the stage name  3rdCultureKid. Her brand new single “Mto” is enchanting and draws you into its beautiful groove and leaves you wanting more. Click play below and see for yourself! 🙂

She was born in Tanzania and was raised there until she reached age  6.  She landed in Newcastle without a word of English or a thick enough coat, swapping Kilimanjaro for South Shields. A turbulent childhood followed, and by 16, Lulu was on her own.

After going back to Africa, to reconnect with her family, her roots and the music, the singer is now back with a fresh new sound that bridges her two worlds. Her music is a patchwork of stories woven from the many lives she’s already lived, told with an unabashed honest that is visceral.

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Elliot Taylor – Devil’s Wine (Independent, Newcastle upon tyne)

Sometimes all it takes to move people is a guitar and voice. It also doesn’t hurt if that voice is powerful, deep and capable of a wide range.  Elliot Taylor and his song “Devil’s Wine” linked below embody the spirit of this movement described above. Go ahead and click play already!!

“I will sit here, and watch it all fall…” – Elliot Taylor


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Mahalia – I Wish I Missed My Ex (Asylum Records, Leicester)

Mahalia is a star rising out Leicester, England destine to shine over the global music scene! Not to break my rule of “not talking too much about the music”, but her voice is silk, the groove is infectious and the video is captivating to say the very least.


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Team Picture – Strange Year

Leeds six-piece Team Picture recently released a new single by the name of “Strange Year” that caught my attention with it’s slightly dark sounding Hellogoodbye-reminiscent, mixed up with Pixies indie-pop sounds.  The track is taken from the bands upcoming release Recital which the band is self releasing June 1st of this year through bandcamp.com.

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