Call Me Karizma – JOHNNY (Independent, New Prague, MN)

Call Me Karizma is an artist coming real live and correct from my home state, Minnesnowta. From a town, I hadn’t heard of by the name of New Prague, but calling Minneapolis home nowadays. I also happen to love the city of Prague in the Chezh Republic, so I’m feeling a vibe, to say the least…

All that irrelevant chatter aside, I’m gonna let the artist explain this one himself. Simply because his message is so raw, and so necessary right now in the USA, and I’m sure elsewhere. It is a message that should hit all too close to home for all my fellow Americans reading. And something my Global readers will no doubt recognize from the news headlines from here in the US.

Anywho, here goes…

I wrote this song to spread awareness.

  This is a statement about mental health. It is what I know about and am passionate about and this conversation should go hand in hand with gun control talks and that should not be taken any less seriously. This is a two-pronged issue that we need to open up the conversation about as wide as possible. If we talk about it we can make a change, even if it’s uncomfortable.

Take it as you will



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