The Malady of Sevendials – Darius in the Abyss (Raw Version)
Darius In the Abyss (This song is not mixed or mastered. It was recorded live in our attic using a Zoom H2 Recorder)
Mia Natas – Vox, Guitar
Darius Natas – Bass
Damien Natas – Drums
The Malady of Sevendials
The Malady of SevenDials Vol. 1
Directed by Genny St. Charles-Monet
Copyright 2012 NatasLiveMedia
All Rights Reserved

The terror toy is unemployed.
Now he’ll melt in his own void.
Raining eyes of evil dolls.
Fill our streets and kill our dogs.
Because he wished he had a heart.
now his mind will fall apart.

Smiling face at every turn.
As your hair begins to burn.
Sights of color just flying by.
Just stay calm and you’ll be fine
and ignore the signs of my lost mind.
For the sane, it’s hard to find.

Don’t say nothing,
and deem me away.
Don’t say nothing.
Deem the world.
Leave the world.

Written, arranged, performed and recorded by The Malady of Sevendials
Copyright 2012 NatasLiveMedia
All Rights Reserved