Podcast Episode IV

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01. FTSEI’ll Show U A Good Time ft Kurly (The Beast Edit)

(Ministry of Sound / Roller Blaster Records – UK)


“I just wanna make stuff you can play really loudly out your motor, while driving round when it’s sunny! Me and Kurly have been mates for a long time, he’s an amazing live MC, he always gets the rave gassed to 100. I knew he’d be perfect to bring that bubble and fun to this record. It’s literally just about having a good time. I’ve got a batch of other records ready to go and this feels like the right way to introduce the next phase in the FTSE story.”

FTSE - Show You A Good Time
FTSE – Show You A Good Time

FTSE brings the party with the help of MC Kurly to kick off the Fourth Edition of the Black Cat Tapes podcast with their new banger, “I’ll show You A Good Time” out on Ministry of Sound! Be sure to become a fan on Facebook and also check out the official website www.thankftse.com.


02. Ali Barter   Girlie Bits

(INERTIA –  Melbourne – Australia)

Ali Barter
Ali Barter

What can I say except I absolutely LOVE this track “Girlie Bits” from Melbourne, Australia’s Ali Barter. Her clever wordplay really shines a light on the issues Women still face today in 2018. Fan her on Facebook and be sure to visit her official website (www.alibartermusic.com) on your way to buying her new album A Suitable Girl.

Ali Barter
Ali Barter


03. Drens  Bicycle Rider

(OMN Label Services / Rough Trade – Dortmund / Cologne – Germany)


A long time ago in Nowhere galaxy far, far away… It is a period of civil boredom. Drens’ spaceships, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil Selfie Empire. During the battle, Drens’ spies managed to steal secret plans to the Empire’s ultimate weapon, the BICYCLE, a two-wheel intergalactic space station with enough power… to brighten up an entire planet, if in the right hands.Pursued by the Selfie Empire’s sinister agents, Drens race home on their boards, custodians of the stolen plans that can save all people and restore fun & friendship to the galaxy… and will.

Drens stop in real quick to give us “Bicycle Rider,” and boy does that song get me hyped! Stay in the loop with the band on Facebook and be sure to head to their official website www.drens.de.

Drens - Bicycle Rider
Drens – Bicycle Rider


04. Cautious ClayCall Me 

(Independent – Washington, DC // Brooklyn, NY – U.S.A.)

Cautious Clay
Cautious Clay

Born in Washington, DC and now calling Brooklyn home, Cautious Clay delights our ears with his new single “Call Me.” He’s an artist with a unique sound and a beautiful voice we love here at Black Cat Tapes. Make sure you are a fan and you follow him on the gram.


05. Teejay JohnsonWay Up

(Independent – Richmond, VA – U.S.A. )

Teejay Johnson
Teejay Johnson

Teejay Johnson is a female lyricist hailing from Richmond, VA. As a child, this artist began rhyming for elementary school plays and poetry competitions. When she came of age, writing became therapeutic. 

Teejay Johnson keeps the podcast moving right along with her sick flow and her latest single “Way Up.” Her ‘gives no f$%@’s’ attitude towards America and the tense times we find ourselves in made us gravitate to her and her unique lyrical gift. Be sure you follow her Soundcloud to stay in the loop with future releases!!


06. Heather O’NeilNicotine and Neon

(Independent – Ireland/Chicago – U.S.A.)

Heather O'neill
Heather O’neill

a song about dedication going unseen and under appreciated

Born in Ireland, but calling Chicago, IL home nowadays is our next artist Heather O’neill and her heartfelt tune “Nicotine and Neon.” Hard work and dedication has not gone unseen this time around! Be sure you head to Heather’s official website heather-oneill.com for more info and to purchase all of her music!


07. BrandLevels

(Independent – Los Angles, CA – U.S.A.)


Pre-Experimental Go free. Return to the heart. Share what your soul wants you to share. Why care egotistically.

Brand‘s new single “Levels” is a deep and downright captivating tune.  I hope you enjoy just as much as I do! If you do and you’re reading this the day the podcast is released, join me at their show tonight in Santa Monica 🙂 (Event Info)

Also, pickup a downlizoad of their new album hurr.


08. Anumi   Broke

(Independent – Aurora, Illinois – U.S.A)


Superhero Duo – Broker than the system is… Dog.

Anumi really caught my attention for their ability to make a song that sonically, could easily be slipped into rotation on Power106 or Real92.3 here in LA, while lyrically flipping the script on the whole genre!

Be sure you blow them up at their website www.anumi.art.


09. Ay Wing   Ice Cream Dream

(Sibling Records – Germany)

Ay Wing
Ay Wing

Singer/songwriter influenced by quirky 60s sounds and modern beat driven production.

Ay Wing gives us a lovely, tasty, treat with “Ice Cream Dream” the heavy-hitting dance throwback, with a polished modern slam to the beat!

Go to aywing.com and support this amazing songstress!

Ay Wing - Ice Cream Dream
Ay Wing – Ice Cream Dream


10. Forlorn Elm  Falling Apart

(Independent – Bern – Switzerland)

Forlorn Elm
Forlorn Elm

“Where earthy Grooves and Melodies soft as the Wind meet, the Roots of Rock, Modern Jazz and Melancholic Pop grow into an Elm Tree.” 

Forlorn Elm paint a beautiful soundscape with their single “Falling Apart.” Be sure to follow them on Facebook.

Also, listen to their single “Falling Apart” without me talking over it… Now buy it on iTunes so you can have it handy next time you need it! 🙂


11. Grand Cross  Grace & Unrest

(Independent – Connecticut – U.S.A.)

Grand Cross are a hardcore band from Connecticut, USA.

How mysterious, we don’t know ANYTHING about these guys ‘cept they rock our socks off! <3


12. Bobbi Rohs  Lay Me Down Slow 

(Text Me Records – San Francisco, CA – U.S.A.)
Bobbi Rohs
Bobbi Rohs
Bobbi Rohs is an artist who has unveiled the true definition of what it means to find comfort in her own shadow.

Bobbi recently lost her best friend and LA flatmate in the summer of 2017. B was her driving force, her inspiration, her support, and her fountain of love. In navigating such a traumatic event, she says she has been forced to reinvent herself.

Like a lotus, a new sound has risen, blossoming through in her second album ITSJUSTTHELETTERB, a dedication dropping on Text Me Records in June of 2018.

Bobbi Rohs is an artist. Words muddy up the music, so I choose to use as few as possible, but “Lay Me Down Slow” is a sonic-masterpiece! Support this amazing new artist and purchase her new album ITSJUSTTHELETTERB.


13. Mosiah   Burning Red

(Ragatac Music – Trinidad and Tobago)


“Trinidads uprising singjay MOSIAH blaze a fire on slavemasters and world leaders”

Mosiah definitely blazes some hot fire with his new single “Burning Red,” a conscious tune going after the oppressors of the world!  Be sure to join him on his mission and follow his Facebook.

Then also buy his latest album HERE.

Mosiah - Chanttafari
Mosiah – Chanttafari


14. HVPPY HOURTight Jeans Ft. Nice Guy Steve

(Silent Sounds – U.S.A.)


Beats & Booze – Stay Hvppy 🙂

HVPPY HOUR is a sick producer from here stateside, and that’s about all we know about him.  Buy his “Tight Jeans” in iTunes.


15. Saba Abraha Do’s and Dont’s

(94sGold – Eritrea – Ethiopia)

Saba Abraha
Saba Abraha
Ethiopian songstess, Saba Abraha.
Saba Abraha is from Ethiopia, a place you don’t necessarily here new music from here in the “West” every day. Her voice is beautiful, and the production is slick, to say the least. Be sure to show her some love on Twitter.

16. RossLord As My Witness

(Independent – Sharon, Pennsylvania – U.S.A. )


“young and raw artist from Sharon, PA who takes a creative approach to his music”

Ross has another sick flow and a deep message, two things we love here at Black Cat Tapes so we had to show love! Make sure you give my man a follow on Soundcloud!


17. Gwen Stefani – Hollaback Girl (Birthdayy Partyy Remix)

(Independent – Chicago, IL – U.S.A.)

Birthdayy Partyy
Birthdayy Partyy

Twin Brothers.

Partyy Music for Partyy People.

Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl (Birthdayy Partyy Remix)
Gwen Stefani – Hollaback Girl (Birthdayy Partyy Remix)

What can I say except I LOVE Gwen Stefani, I LOVED this song back in the day, and LOVE LOVE LOVE the new Birthdayy Partyy remix. What else would you expect, except the best from the birthplace of house music, Chi-town?


18. eLIJAHLay back in the way back

(Independent – Ellsworth, Maine – U.S.A.)


 Music producer – Rapper – Filmmaker

Charlotte, North Carolina -> Federal Way, Washington                   -> Ellsworth, Maine (current)

“Lay Back in the Way Back” from eLIJAH isn’t your typical everyday flow, and to be honest that, plus those sick organ keys, is what really caught my attention. Be sure to follow my man on Soundcloud.

Thanks for listening, and reading everybody!

Much LOVE! 🙂 <3